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All American Quarter horse participating in ranch riding. Rider wearing chaps, cowboy boots, and a hat.

Keep California Showing

We've recognized the potential for revitalizing participation and events within California's equestrian community. Introducing our "Keep California Showing" initiative—a concerted effort to reignite the passion and energy of horse shows across the state. Through strategic planning and community involvement, we aim to rejuvenate the spirit of competition and camaraderie in our arenas. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a newcomer to the scene, we invite you to join us in preserving and promoting the cherished tradition of horse showing in California. Together, let's ensure that our state remains a vibrant hub for equestrian excellence for years to come.
Ranch riding, western pleasure, showmanship, horsemanship, and trail are all events hosted at the CA Championship horse show.


Increase Numbers

We are committed to bringing awareness to the amazing facilities and offerings many California shows provide. Organizers, trainers, facility managers, and equestrian enthusiasts are coming together for one shared goal: keep California showing.  


Inspire Future Generations

Encouraging youth involvement ensures the sustainability and vibrancy of the equestrian community for years to come. These young riders represent the future stewards, trainers, and advocates of the sport, and their enthusiasm and dedication are essential for its continued growth and evolution.
The California Championship Show offers lead line for young riders to compete in
Small businesses sell tack and other horse items at the horse show


Foster Business Growth

Horse shows serve as more than just arenas for showcasing equestrian talent; they also function as catalysts for business growth and boost the local economy. For small businesses, California horse shows offer invaluable opportunities for exposure and networking.


Make California A Destination

California's combination of natural beauty, favorable climate, world-class facilities, rich equestrian culture, accessibility, and recreational opportunities collectively contribute to its status as a premier destination location for horse shows. We want to ensure exhibitors and spectators alike discover the plethora of positives that go along with showing in California.  
Paso Robles California is the place to be for equestrianc competitors of all levels
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